What You Need To Create a Solar Panel System

Solar energy is a great form of power; utilizing this energy with a solar panel system is good for the environment and raises the value of your home. You need multiple components to create a solar panel system?here?s a helpful list of what you will need to get things started.

Solar Panels

Unsurprisingly, you need solar panels when making a solar panel system. Solar panels come in several shapes and variations, but all contain solar cells that work to collect solar energy for your power grid. These are the building blocks of your system and?depending on the panels you choose?can create varying levels of amperes and voltages, allowing you to customize them for any residential area.

Charge Controller

Your solar panels collect energy from the sun, but that doesn’t mean the energy goes directly into your home. Your solar cells accumulate power when exposed to direct sunlight; however, they don?t gather as much energy at night, and certain weather conditions affect your system, too. The charge controller allows your system to transfer collected energy into a battery at differing levels to keep your system safe and running smoothly.


Naturally, you?ll want to have power in your home when the sun isn?t out, which is where the battery comes into play. Your charge converter safely transfers energy to the battery, which stores power for use throughout your home. Different voltages work with different systems, so we recommend talking with a specialist to know what voltage is best for your home when determining what you need to create a solar panel system.


While an inverter is not necessary, it makes things much more convenient when putting together a solar panel system. Because the energy collected by the solar panels flows to a battery, it creates direct current power, which is typical of any battery-operated device. An inverter allows you to convert the DC energy into AC, making it compatible with the most common electrical devices you use in your day-to-day life.

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