10 Tips for How to Detox this Summer

Detoxing is a great way to reset your diet, increase your energy, and curb your cravings this season! Intentionally taking care of your body, from your diet to your routine, is the only way you can control the amount of toxins you take in and retain. Whether you’re considering a detox program or just want to realign your healthy living journey, check out these 10 ways to get the most out of your detox:

  1. Eat raw fruits and vegetables. The summer season is full of fresh, delicious produce that contain less fat and fewer calories than many snacky alternatives. Fruits and vegetables contain fiber that naturally helps digestion, and fresh fruit is also full of water that helps to keep you hydrated in the summer heat.
  2. Drink water! Speaking of hydration, it’s important to drink A LOT of water. Especially when you’re detoxing, and especially in summer. Water flushes our bodies of waste while also regulating our metabolism and body temperature. Without enough water, toxins can easily build up in our system.
  3. Drink lemon water. Lemons contain citrate, which helps your body to naturally flush out unwanted toxins. Drinking a glass of lemon water when you first wake up can help your digestion and can help to calm an upset stomach. Having a glass after each meal during your detox can also help you lower the amount of toxins you retain.
  4. Don’t drink alcohol. This one is pretty clear: if you’re trying to remove toxins from your body, don’t intentionally put toxins into your body. Alcohol makes the liver work extra hard, and it’s counterproductive to everything else you’ll be doing to achieve your detox goals.
  5. Meditate. Stress alone can lead to many health issues, from overeating to endotoxemia. Any kind of stress can affect the way your body is working, and it can generate simply from negative thoughts. During a detox, it’s just as important to take care of your mind as it is your diet. Try meditation, yoga, or some other calming exercise to help you relax.
  6. Get some sleep. When you sleep, your body enters a naturally restorative state and can eliminate toxins that you’ve accumulated throughout the day. Try adding snacks and sides into your diet that help you get a restful night’s sleep.
  7. Take a bath. While you’re trying out new ways to relax, try taking a bath with these natural detox bath salt recipes. Detox baths can help with skin irritation as well as help your body naturally eliminate toxins; relaxation is just an added bonus!
  8. Cook at home. It’s much easier to keep track of what ends up on your plate when you’re the one preparing the meal. You can help your body detox naturally by preparing the flavors you love in a healthy way. Check out these simple swaps for inspiration!
  9. Up your Omega 3s. While we can watch the toxins we consume from food, some things (like our environment) are out of our control. Research shows this damage can still be countered with healthy omega-3–and antioxidant-rich foods.
  10. Take your probiotics. Probiotics can help our bodies to break down toxins that we can’t fully get rid of ourselves. Taking probiotic supplements is a great addition to your daily detox routine as they can counter the harmful effects of things like pesticides and cancerous food preservatives.

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