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Here at Vektween, we are passionate about creating healthy meals and promoting a sustainable lifestyle through the use of sustainable technology, shopping locally, and having an overall view on sustainability to ensure a better future..

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At VEKTWEEN, our mission is to provide comprehensive education and meaningful inspiration to our audiences. We aim to empower our customers to live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, encouraging mindful practices in order to create a brighter future for not only ourselves, but the generations to come. We are dedicated to utilizing knowledge and innovation to cultivate an environment of health and sustainability.

We encourage you to take this journey with us and discover the meaningful, influential, and important pieces of information that we are happy to share!  We want to invest in you!

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About Celebrity Chef Tito Dudley

Tito started working towards a healthier lifestyle from a young age. When he was 15, Tito awoke one morning to find a lump on his neck and immediately knew something was wrong. His mother promptly took him to the doctor, with the results of the diagnosis being an unexpected shock.

Upon being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, a type of lymph node cancer, Tito was understandably taken aback. Despite this, he maintained an unwavering faith in God and relied on the support of his family to get through it. He was confident that he would come out victorious.

In addition to his faith in God and the support of his family & friends, Tito was driven by a strong determination to live a healthier lifestyle. During his biweekly chemotherapy sessions, he committed himself to becoming a natural bodybuilder, giving him the focus and strength to face his diagnosis head-on.

He altered his exercise regime and sought to gain knowledge about proper nutrition. He even began consulting a nutritionist, who advised him to take natural supplements to help his body in its healing process.

Six months after his diagnosis, Tito visited the doctor again and was thrilled to learn that he was cancer-free! From that point onwards, Tito committed himself to live a life of healthy eating, exercise, and the use of natural supplements. This marked the start of his bodybuilding journey. 

Apart from being a bodybuilder, it was only a matter of time before Tito Dudley decided to venture into the culinary world professionally and eventually became a Natural Food Chef. After graduating in 2011 from the Natural Gourmet School in NYC, Tito utilized his knowledge and creativity to enrich the lives of his clients, friends, and family alike. 

Tito loves spending time in the kitchen, creating dishes that not only promote health but are also incredibly delicious. His passion for food and life is unparalleled! Tito lives and breathes a healthy lifestyle. His passion lies in teaching others how to lead healthy lives through organic diets, clean supplements, and safe exercise. It is his goal to make sure everyone he meets knows the many benefits of choosing natural, nutritionally balanced diets and lifestyles.

Tito encourages incorporating whole foods, plant-based foods, an appropriate amount of animal protein, only a small amount of dairy, avoiding processed food, getting enough exercise, finding joy in eating, and practicing self-care to live a healthier lifestyle.

In the last few years, Tito has had the honor of cooking for numerous remarkable organizations, such as The JCC in Manhattan, First Descents, The Palette Foundation, a sushi restaurant, Aamann Copenhagen – a Danish eatery, The NY Public Library, the Natural Gourmet Institute, Tu Lu’s Bakery, The Center for Discovery, Troutbeck Hotel and Spa, and many Celebrities and clients in the financial industry.

These enriching experiences have shaped Tito into an accomplished and skilled chef. His genuine enthusiasm for assisting others has driven him to persist in providing simple yet tasty and nutritious food.


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