3 Choices You Must Make Before Giving Birth

3 Choices You Must Make Before Giving Birth

Expecting mothers have many decisions to make before their delivery dates. While some of these decisions are relatively insignificant, others can impact your and your child’s health and well-being. Here are three important choices you must make before giving birth.


Childbirth involves enduring contractions, cramping, and pressure on the cervix for sometimes up to 24 hours. With so many aches, many mothers choose medication to ease the pain. Some mothers, however, don’t want to take the risk and opt not to medicate.

While there are minimal risks to the child, taking medication can cause lower blood pressure or fetal distress. While some mothers act on their reservations, most do receive some type of medically induced pain relief. Epidurals and spinal anesthesia are the most common methods.

Method of Birth

Another decision expecting mothers must make is the type of birth they want to have. For example, C-sections may be best for mothers with health complications, especially if the baby is too big or something goes wrong during labor.

Alternatively, some mothers opt for a water birth to shorten labor time and create a more relaxing environment for their babies. Giving birth in a small pool filled with warm water allows women to move more freely, improving circulation. However, some medical professionals discourage this method due to safety concerns. Deciding whether a water birth or traditional delivery is better depends largely on your lifestyle.


After your baby is delivered, you’ll need a specialized medical professional to provide care and advice. Choosing your pediatrician early in your pregnancy will allow you to best support your and your child’s health from the start. You should consider the pediatrician’s location, expertise, and experience when searching for potential candidates. Ultimately, having the same individual provide medical advice for your child throughout their life has many benefits. They get to know one another, build trust, and improve their rapport.

Be Prepared for the Big Day

Getting ready for your child’s birth can be complicated, so being prepared before the delivery date is a great idea. When considering these choices you must make before giving birth, read books, talk to friends, and attend classes. Soon enough, you’ll feel prepared for the big day!

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