3 Fun Water Sports You Can Do in a Group

Our brains and bodies are connected. When we take care of our physical health, we can benefit our mental health, and vice versa. Group sports are great ways to reap these benefits simultaneously. You can participate in group sports wherever you live or visit by meeting people in your area looking to live healthier or traveling with a group of like-minded friends. The following three fun water sports you can do in a group are just some ideas that can get you and others active together.

Whitewater Rafting

If your idea of the perfect water sport is something heart-pounding that gets you into nature, then whitewater rafting is for you. Whitewater rafting is most common on rivers, which means you don?t need to trek out to the beach to try this activity. Rafting primarily works the top half of your body?specifically your arms, back, and shoulders?although bigger rapids can require more full-body participation. It also requires teamwork since there are multiple people in a raft at once.

Whitewater rafting is a great option for regular activity. The more you learn and the better you get at rafting, the more challenges you can face. This is a great way to boost confidence, which can improve mental health.

Water Polo

People looking for an indoor water sport that they can do year round should consider water polo. This competitive team sport happens in the Olympics every four years, but many people don?t know much about it. Water polo is similar to soccer, except players use their hands to move the ball around the pool, as their lower bodies are occupied treading water. This provides a full-body workout as the upper body supports the ball and the lower body moves through the water. The strategic thinking involved is also great mental exercise.

The competitive nature of this team sport makes it a great option for regular activity. You can see your skills grow and win in games against other teams, which can also boost confidence and improve mental health.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

For those who prefer calmer water activities that still count as sports, stand-up paddleboarding is a great option to consider. This sport is similar to surfing, except the person standing on the board has a paddle to help provide stability and guidance. You can ride your board on any body of water and follow the many dos and don?ts of stand-up paddleboarding, including doing so with a group. If you can?t get your friends together at a regular time or just want some private self-care, you can paddleboard on your own. Nevertheless, paddling together provides time for quiet sociability away from distractions and offers protection in case any accidents occur. Regardless of who you paddle with, you can improve posture, work your upper body, and de-stress your mind in nature.

These three fun water sports you can do in a group are great for exercising your body and mind with other people. No matter your current skill set, you can participate in any of these sports and feel pride in your accomplishments.

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