4 Surprising Benefits of Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy

4 Surprising Benefits of Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy

When it comes to medical treatments and devices, “hyperbaric oxygen chamber” is hardly a household term. Hyperbaric chambers were originally invented to help divers recover from decompression sickness, more widely referred to as “the bends.” Since then, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has expanded to treat other conditions and aid patients in achieving better overall health. There are several different types of hyperbaric chambers that serve different needs. Here are four surprising benefits of hyperbaric chamber therapy.

Healing Wounds

Some hyperbaric chambers aid in the healing of wounds. The chamber’s oxygen-rich atmosphere reduces swelling and delivers oxygen to the affected area, which prevents the wound from swelling. More oxygen in the blood means quicker healing and a lesser likelihood of dead tissue.

Reperfusion Injury

On the flip side, the sudden reintroduction of blood to an injured area can cause inflammation and damage through the sudden stress of oxidation. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy “resets” the process, encouraging the body to focus on fighting the real problem and commence healing.

Back Off, Bacteria

Hyperbaric chamber therapy can ensure a cleaner environment in which the body can combat infection and heal. Concentrated oxygen prevents many types of bacteria from attacking the body and releasing toxins that can hinder the healing process. White blood cells are further invigorated and ready to attack and destroy any invading microorganisms that might retard cell regeneration and introduce toxins.

The Skinny on Skin Growth

Blood needs oxygen to perform many of its duties. Introducing a patient to an oxygenated atmosphere gives the blood and, therefore, the blood vessels a boost in their growth. The process stimulates these cells to create more collagen and skin cells. As a result, the body can heal even more quickly.

Hyperbaric chamber therapy also offers the surprising benefit of helping individuals suffering from carbon monoxide and other types of gas poisoning. Furthermore, the purer, cleaner environment combats gangrene and helps skin grafts take more easily. In short, more oxygen means a wide variety of happier, healthier healing processes.

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