Featured Guest

Jennifer Zee

I’ve been involved in the fitness, health, and beauty industries for more than 15 years.

Today, I’m a plant-powered leader, working directly with clients and leading group sessions to help others get to their most optimal self physically, which inevitably leads to being your optimal self in all other parts of life. I coach people on how to find balance and happiness in their lives by improving their fitness and adopting a plant-based lifestyle.

My journey to happiness wasn’t an easy one. After leaving home at 17 to escape a broken and unstable family life, I found myself working and living in places no teenage girl should have to see. This time of my life, while not ideal, is what led me to focus on being strong; emotionally and physically and I take that stand for others today.

In addition to being a plant-based performance coach, I’ve worked as a professional fitness model, fitness competitor and stylist. Along the way, I’ve obtained numerous health, wellness and fitness certificates including CrossFit Coaching, Olympic Weightlifting, Movement & Mobility, Muscle Activation Techniques and a diploma in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University. What can I say, I’m passionate about eating up everything I can about how to be my most optimal self and help others.

After years of suffering from intense ‘stomach’ pain, I was diagnosed with endometriosis.

My battle against the disease led me to adopt plant-based diet to take matters into my own hands and see if this might be the solution I was looking for. I was able to take complete control of her health, get strong, and achieve a state of well-being that I didn’t think was possible. Food saved me. And opened up a new level of performance I had not yet reached before.