Featured Guest

Katy Flannery & Gwen Burlingame

At Beckon, we believe that no one should miss out on delicious ice cream just because they’re lactose intolerant.  That’s why we’re welcoming all ice cream lovers back to the real deal.  Instead of using alternatives, Beckon is premium dairy-full creaminess and lactose-free enjoyment.  No compromises.

Our Story
It all started with Katy’s Lactose Intolerance….

As a lifelong ice cream lover, Katy was less-than-thrilled when she discovered she was lactose intolerant. She couldn’t imagine giving up her favorite dessert or settling for ice cream “alternatives” that just didn’t taste the same. Soy, almond and coconut just weren’t going to cut it.   As a pediatric ICU nurse, she knew there had to be a solution to her lactose free ice cream conundrum.

…and Gwen’s Sympathetic Sweet Tooth.

When Gwen met Katy in college, they soon became fast friends with a shared love of ice cream. Gwen sympathized with Katy’s struggle to find a lactose free ice cream that tasted great and felt like the real deal.  They felt no one should have to miss out on ice cream because of lactose intolerance.  With that mission in mind, they created REAL ice cream with all the same quality and ingredients they both loved, free of the lactose Katy couldn’t have.  Finally, they could share the same pint – no compromises.