Cook Like a Pro? It’s Easier with These Tools

I’m so excited to announce a great new free resource for my readers here at Simple Eats. Today, you can download my new eBook, The Top 10 Essential tools you need to be the Ultimate Star chef in your kitchen.

It’s available as a PDF, and you can download it here. It will show you all the tools used by professional chefs, so you can prepare healthy, delicious meals for your family and friends just like a pro.

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My goal here at Simple Eats is to empower readers like you to make healthy, wholesome food in your own kitchen for the people you love. However, even the best cooking techniques can only take you so far, if you lack the right tools. This eBook outlines the best pro tools you can buy to kick your kitchen skills into high gear for the new year.

These tools can help make whipping up delicious, nutritious meals a whole lot faster and easier. Which means you’re more likely to stick with your clean eating plans. Making it easier to cook healthy meals is the reason one tool I recommend for every kitchen is a slow cooker.

Slow cookers are great time-savers, although a lot of recipes for them aren’t the healthiest. That’s why I also suggest you pick up a good recipe book, like The Clean Eating Slow Cooker. It’s a must-have cookbook for making healthy meals for those nights when you’re too busy (or too tired) to bust out your at-home chef skills.

If one of your new year’s goals is to become the ultimate at-home chef,  be sure to download my new eBook. Once you’ve read 10 Most Recommended Tools You Need To Be the Ultimate At-Home Star Chef, you’ll have a handy checklist to take your next meal to the next level.   

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