Let’s Get Spicy!

It’s cold outside, and that means it’s time to heat things up in the kitchen. If you’re like me, you love delicious, spicy foods to warm up your taste buds during the winter months. What you might not know is that your love of zesty hot peppers and flaming hot sauces can be really good for your body as well as your soul.

Lots of people are familiar with capsaicin, the natural substance that gives peppers their heat. But did you know it can create a sense of euphoria for some people? When you eat foods rich in capsaicin, it causes your body to produce endorphins – aka the “happy hormone” – to block the pain of the heat.

Capsaicin can also help reduce inflammation and pain, so you might want to toss some hot sauce on your next post-workout meal. That’s definitely one way to “feel the burn!”

When it comes to hot sauce, you really can’t go wrong with the classic Tabasco sauce. It’s made from just three ingredients: tabasco peppers, vinegar, and salt, which means it fits into a clean eating diet. It’s one of the few food products which has been included in both “meals ready to eat” (MREs) for the U.S. military and the approved grocery list for the Queen of England.

Or if you prefer to go artisanal, you can actually make your own hot sauce. This Deluxe DIY Hot Sauce Kit includes everything you need to make three different hot sauce recipes at home. The kit includes six different recipes to make hot sauces, and includes all-natural ingredients like Cayenne, Ancho, Curry, New Mexico Chili Powders, Guajillo, Chipotle and more.

Sounds like a fun way to celebrate Spicy Foods Day!

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