Vegetarian Thanksgiving Alternatives

It’s officially November, which means that Thanksgiving is coming up fast. While the holidays come with a lot of temptation to break your healthy eating habits, you can easily overcome the challenges of following any dietary preference this season with a little planning ahead. For example, having a few vegetarian-friendly Thanksgiving recipes in your bookmarks may come in handy later this month, so I wanted to share a few of my favorite meatless dishes to celebrate the season! Whether you’re a vegetarian yourself or you’re preparing a meal for potential vegetarian guests and family members, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to celebrate the holidays with guilt-free, tasty alternatives.

To begin with, consider adding a universally delicious vegetarian appetizer to your Thanksgiving day meal. This recipe for simple pumpkin soup features a variety of healthy ingredients and features vegan vs. vegetarian options. Initially roasting the pumpkin is the only part of creating this delicious and simple soup that takes any length of time. Other than this step, the recipe is fast, easy, and requires only seven ingredients that your kitchen is probably already stocked with this season.

Choosing to eat intentionally throughout the holidays doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pass up on all of your favorite seasonal flavors. That’s why I’m a fan of this classic vegan take on shepherd’s pie. With only nine ingredients and a one-hour prep time, this could easily become your new favorite vegan/vegetarian classic. The recipe swaps the ground beef called for in the original recipe with lentils, which adds additional nutritional value as well as protein.

If you’re feeling creative with a little more time to prepare, check out this delicious, vegetarian roasted stuffed pumpkin with spiced pumpkin seeds. I recommend swapping the canola oil in the recipe garnish with coconut oil for an even healthier outcome. This is a recipe that the whole family will enjoy and it’s sure to impress your guests! If you can’t find a small pumpkin right for the recipe, you can also use an in-season winter squash such as kabocha or buttercup.

Don’t be afraid to branch out this Thanksgiving holiday and share the healthy eating inspiration with your friends and family. Whether you’re preparing the meal yourself or looking for a dish to bring for the host, make something that celebrates the season while meeting your healthy lifestyle standards. If you’d like to catch more tips and advice for healthy eating and cooking like a chef, be sure to follow me on Instagram at OfficialChefT, check out SimpleEatsTV on YouTube, and find my podcast, Simple Eats w/ Chef T, on iTunes, Google Play, Overcast, Pocket Cast, and Radio Public.

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