Let’s keep the menu local.

Happy 2020 everyone! We’d like to kick off this New Year on the right foot by writing about topics that are near and dear. So obviously the first blog will be about food! More specifically – local food.

When you choose to buy food locally, you’re doing a lot of things that are helpful. You’re contributing to your community. You’re supporting local farms. You’re supporting local businesses. But most importantly, you’re supporting a healthy diet for yourself! 

Buying local also means doing what’s right for the planet. From what we understand, this is a good thing. Something that automatically happens when you’re paying attention to what’s available in the local markets is you begin to eat seasonally. According to The Farm Project, eating seasonally has a positive correlation with helping the planet. Seasonal food travels a shorter distance; it uses fewer pesticides and because there’s more to pick from it also means you’re getting the best price for your budget!

If you need a few more ideas on how you can get started, the Food Network offers some great suggestions. One that particularly resonated was the idea of joining a CSA. Community Supported Agriculture is a way to sign up for a share of a local farm’s weekly harvest for the year. It’s a super easy way to get access to fresh eggs, dairy, meat and grains. Just do a little digging and sign up!

As if you needed any more reasons to eat local, Better Food has probably the best one of all. They write, when you know the food is closer to you, it’s more likely to be organic. Places like farmers markets want to offer the best produce possible. This means doing what is best for the environment. Less pesticides, better animal welfare and less manufacturing herbicides. Consider me sold!

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Always remember Eat with a Purpose!

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