How To Eat Bacon in today’s society!

The next time you are in the kitchen, think about one thing, and that’s Bacon! Now I am all for the support for veganism or vegetarian. As of right now, hear me out. Bacon is not on the menu for every meal, but when the craving kicks in, I like the idea of treating myself, and you should too. Since I got this all out on the table no pun intended, let’s eat some bacon! I do prefer to have a rotation in my diet with some flavor, and Bacon is not on the menu for every meal to clarify, but when the craving kicks in, you already know.

Bacon is one of those savory foods that find ways to highjack every meal you can think of and happens to taste so delicious! Don’t you think? Ok, I get it unless you’re a vegan or vegetarian, then this blog is not for you, I understand entirely. Then this might be time to exit this blog before it gets greasy!

Many Simple Eaters can only imagine living without Bacon vs life in a society that doesn’t understand the differences that each individual brings to make our world a better place. Am I saying Bacon will bring us together and make us happy? A few bites might change your life! Hey, you may even be more acceptable to someone else’s outlook on life and less judgemental. It’s called the Bacon effect! 😉

All honestly, spending sometime around other cultures and experiencing their food, history, and personal stories would change the way you view the world. It would be less narrow and less fearful.

The history of Bacon dates back to 1500 B.C. Wow! They were craving some of this yummy and delicious crispy pork back then! Can’t blame them for the urge to indulge. Some would still say Bacon is terrible for you to consume because of high cholesterol. One strip contains 30 milligrams of cholesterol, and that can add up very quickly, especially if you’re not the one to eat just one piece. Who is? Most people can quickly eat five bacon strips or more. Don’t point any fingers now; you know you do this too.

What is the salty truth about Bacon? Is it good or bad? There is a lot of opinionated information out there. I dare you to look it up, but, are there any Nutritional Highlights, well let’s take a look:

Bacon: the meat candy we all love! It is sometimes packed with tons of salt, chemicals, sugars, and just a bunch bull crap! All the unhealthy trendy ingredients to unbalance your ecosystem. The good news is, as we all become more educated about our health and environment, companies are continually making the necessary changes to provide for their consumers, which clearly shows you how powerful it is when we all stand together and unite for change.

Here are 3 companies that are changing the game for Bacon:

  1. Applegate Bacon or Turkey Bacon option. No antibiotics, humanely raised, organic and so much more.
  2. Wellshire contains no artificial ingredients, sugar-free, minimally processed, and also has a turkey bacon option as well. It is has a Paleo Approval stamp!
  3. Butcher Box is Whole30 approve. Is minimally processed. It’s nitrate-free and sugar-free.   

It’s essential to eat with purpose and create the balance you need to live healthy!

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