Swiss Rösti is the Next Gluten Free Craving

Hi Simple Eats fan! My name is Steve Caldwell and I have been a foodie ALL my life. I don’t mean “weekend foodie”, some “kinda-wanna-be-foodie”, but a TRUE, Through and Through foodie since I watched my first episode of the Galloping Gourmet with Graham Kerr at the age of 5 with my Mom.

Fast forward 49 years later and at the soon-to-be age of 54, I give Graham so much of the credit for my style, storytelling and, of course, the taste of a nice glass of wine while cooking. I have had hundreds of dinner parties over the years recreating recipes from cookbooks, the internet, magazines, food shows as well as inspiration I had gotten traveling internationally over the last 15 years for business. Something changed though and turned my world upside down in July of 2013. I was in southern Brazil on business at a clients home for dinner. His wife had it catered by two chefs that brought in twelve gas table top burners, pans, ingredients and a whole lot of shredded potatoes. I watched as they fried a whole lot of shredded potatoes and then cover the center of them with different fillings from meats, cheeses and vegetables and then covering all of that with another layer of shredded potatoes. Once complete, a quick flip of the pan and joila! Crispy, fried deliciousness bursting with flavors! They were plated and served in quarters with a sauce. I remember that first bite even today. It was amazing! Crispy potatoes with fillings paired beautifully. My palate was suspended in a euphoric state and when I looked up, 3 more flavors were right behind that one. I don’t remember how much I ate, but I remember getting up the next morning craving them and knew I wanted to experience that again very soon. 

I went to my kitchen and began testing & tasting…testing & tasting…testing & tasting… the last 4 1/2 years have been an experience of a lifetime. Creating dishes and sharing with friends and Family has been my lifelong passion and to be launching the Swiss Rösti here in the U.S. with such an incredible history behind it, well, it just doesn’t get any better than this. We are all health conscious and the Rösti checks all the boxes from my daughter, living with us as she applies to dental school, who is vegan and lactose intolerant to our friends who are gluten intolerant. This journey also ties in to our passion to give back here in our community.  The Swiss Rösti has opened the door to get involved in feeding the homeless and really being a part of our community.

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