Is Climate Change Causing ‘Eco-Anxiety’? 

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Audio Play When it comes to any lifestyle change it can be daunting at first. You can easily feel displaced, stressed, overwhelmed, and start to develop anxiety from all the…

5 Healthy ways to Cook & Eat Sweet Potatoes 

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Audio Play Sweet Potatoes are claimed to be one of the healthiest potato options you substitute for a regular white potato. Its dietary profile gave its preferred choice because of…

Spring is for beginnings, reorganizing and detoxifying the body.

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Audio Play Hi, and welcome back to I’m Vektween, your blog host. Chef T and I want to make sure that you are staying healthy during this unprecedented time….



Tito believes in investing in one’s body, because let’s face it, it’s the only one we’ve got! He is passionate about teaching others how to live healthy lifestyles through organic and clean diets, supplements and safe exercise. It is Tito’s goal to inform everyone who comes across his path of the benefits of clean living.


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